Board Members

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Carl Hunsinger, CMSgt, USAF (Ret.)

President & Founder

Michelle Thomas, CMSgt, USAFR (Retired)

Treasurer / HR Manager (Jobs)


Michael W. Hartford, CAPT, USN (Ret.)

Vice President / Healthcare


Edwin Robinson, USAF (Veteran)

Veteran Support and Homeless Services

John Hornberger.jpg

John E. Hornberger, LTC, USAR (Ret.)

Financial Management

Carlos Moreira, 1Sgt, USMCR

Education and Veteran Services


William (Bill) Sterbinsky, USMC (Veteran)

Attorney at Law / Legislation


Manasota Veterans is a nonprofit organization comprised of an all volunteer force.  We all served and continue to serve our brothers and sisters of our U.S. Armed Forces.  We would like to hear from you.  Contact us here.