Far too many times, our Veterans have to do way too much research just to navigate the new location they chose to settle in after separating from the military.  Manasota Veterans created a basic directory to help you locate healthcare facilities, jobs, schools, housing and soon we will add a Veteran friendly business page.  We just began populating the pages, so take some time to explore the tabs under DIRECTORY.


We are all 100% volunteers that care about our brothers, sisters and their families.  Just so we are perfectly clear, we consider our Veterans as our family and your recommendation to improve this website is very much appreciated.  You can CONTACT us with your recommendations. 


Carl Hunsinger


Manasota Veterans, Inc.


Manasota Veterans is a nonprofit organization comprised of an all volunteer force.  We all served and continue to serve our brothers and sisters of our U.S. Armed Forces.  We would like to hear from you.  Contact us here.